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Suspended Platform Components


S Type Hoist

"S" cable-guiding system, LTD800, LTD1000 is powerfull in lifting force, easy in maintenance and stable in operation. Thus, it is used for heavy capacity transit.


α Type Hoist

"α" cable-guiding system, LTD500, LTD630, LTD800 is handy in design, light in weight and easy in maintenance. Thus, they suit for moderate or light capacity transit.


Safety Lock

Well designed structure, made by superb materials. Ideal for protection against any falls during work in places of high altitude. It will automatically lock the wire rope in the event of breaking of the suspension wire rope or the tilting of platforms within 3°~8°


Electrical Control Box

Easy to handle with remote. Resistance to bad weather and water. Installed with safety device (Robot) for protection against electrical leakage. Automatic limit switch alarm are installed.